The peculiarity of this rehabilitation center is its location in the occupied territory. One can say that this rehabilitation center is the founder of many existing rehabilitation centers and the brainchild of the Light of Resurrection Mission. It is from there all the rehabilitation centers from Zaporozhye and from other regions trace their roots. It is there the current representatives of those rehabilitation centers came to learn the experience of the ministry. In 2003, when we opened, there were few who knew this ministry. There we acquired our first experience, and developed a strategy and principles for rehabilitation. It was from this rehabilitation center where three staff members of the Light of Resurrection Mission were raised, those who continue to help people like themselves to this day. In 2015, after a one-year break due to military operations, the rehabilitation center resumed its work and continues to actively respond to people's needs in highly difficult conditions.

The rehabilitation program of Andrey Kochubey is almost over. Andrey will return to the village of Stazhkovo. The brothers who once sent him to rehabilitation now helped him with finding a house and a job.

One of the peculiarities of the ministry of our rehabilitation center is the "Urgent transfer" strategy, when, within 3 days (while a release certificate is valid), it is necessary to transfer the former prisoner to the territory under Ukraine's control. This applies to those who do not have a Ukrainian passport and who do not want to receive a passport of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic. The last such incident occurred with Vladimir Salykin. He could not go to Russia to get to Crimea. Urgently, the ministers sent him to the Rehabilitation Center in Zaporozhye.

One activity that takes place every day is Bible study. They all come together to pray and discuss a portion of God’s Word. This is something they all look forward to. May the Lord richly bless this to their souls and equip them to be men of God.