Sponsor a Family

You can make a general donation of any amount toward family support. If you would like to support a specific family, please call the office.

The financial situation of many families in Eastern Europe is often very unstable, especially those of Christian families. Many families are struggling to make ends meet. They live from one day to the next. With monthly support, it is possible to remove some of these tensions caused by financial poverty. It will also give the children better lives. They suffer during these difficulties, especially those of larger families. Sometimes children are placed in foster care, simply due to poverty.

COAH supports poor families through its Family Care Program. This program provides material support or financial aid to families through local churches. The local churches are the ones we operate through, they are the ones who give us updates and reports on the condition of the families who are on this program.

Contact our office if you wish to help families who are struggling or you can donate any monthly amount that you are able to give.