Pastors Conferences


“And Jesus said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15).

Across Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union there are pastors who are laboring to bring lost people the good news of Jesus Christ. They sow the seed continually to bring the Word of the living God into contact with the hearts of men. Some pastors work in more than one village. People living in small villages throughout Eastern Europe have no means of transportation. They cannot travel to the next village to attend church. Instead the pastor travels from town to town and from village to village.

These pastors face many obstacles in their passion to share the Gospel. COAH assists pastors in several different ways. At times we purchase a small car for a pastor which makes travelling easier between villages. We also will support them financially so they do not need a part time job to supplement their income.

Another major aspect of COAH assisting pastors is by organizing conferences. Local pastors greatly appreciate these conferences for several reasons. The most important is the opportunity to learn more about the doctrines of God’s Word. Since some pastors have had more theological training than others, COAH attempts to offer lectures that relate to their diverse needs.

There have been a variety of topics: the Order of Salvation, Order of Worship, Office of Elder and Deacon, Biblical Counseling, Scriptural Foundation of the Old Man and the New Man, The Sovereignty of God and the Responsability of Man, Christ's Parables, Lectures from the Epistle of the Philippians and many more. We believe that the costs of the conferences should never be a burden, therefore we provide travel expenses and accommodations for each pastor. These conferences are an opportunity for pastors to meet and fellowship with each other. Many have never had the opportunity to meet fellow workers even from their own regions. It always proves to be a wonderful time of encouragement, fellowship and solid teaching for the attending pastors. We often hear comments like, “Please come back next year and host this conference again. We have learned so much.” Pastors not only go home refreshed but also with good Puritan books written in their own language to add to their personal libraries. COAH also tries to supply a book for the members of the congregations of each pastor. It is much work and preparation for COAH, but it is a joy every time. May God glorify His goodness and magnify His mercy to all these pastors.