Winter Help Project


As the morning sun rises, it reveals a frosty new snowfall. Entire fields are covered by a pure, white, thick blanket of snow. Plumes of grey smoke rise from every chimney. The town looks clean, pure, and peaceful.

This may be the perfect scene for some of us, but for the millions of poor and homeless of Eastern Europe, these visions of winter create uncertainty and fear. There is no joy in freshly fallen snow. Rather, it is a stark reminder of their struggle for survival. Instead of enjoying the benefits of a winter wonderland, so many struggle to find shelter and warmth. What little money they have must be divided between adequate clothing to handle the bitter cold, shelter for themselves and their families, or food. There simply is not enough money to provide for all their needs.

The winter is particularly difficult for orphans and for the elderly. The number of orphanages is inadequate to provide havens for the masses of unwanted children in Eastern Europe. There is no time to play when they must beg, scrounge, or steal just to subsist. Many do not even stay alive. For the nearly two million homeless children, abuse, disease, and cold are constant threats.

Winter is a life-threatening situation. The many pastors and other loving Christians who reach out to the poor and homeless are overwhelmed by the immense need. They need support from godly people around the world who have been burdened by the people of Eastern Europe. There are orphans to care for, and more people to feed, clothe, and warm. Please help the pastors which COAH supports to give a cup of warm water in Jesus’ name.

You will notice several programs under this category.

• We give food to the hungry either through Soup Kitchen, Food Parcel or giving to the poor on the streets. (see Other Support Projects)

• In this WinterHelp Program we supply firewood or coal to those who do not have the means to purchase.

• We also provide winter footwear. COAH buys leather and supplies a manufacturer in Ukraine who then makes boots for this cause.