Pastor Denis Boris - Kazakhstan - Ministry Update

Despite people’s general ignorance on the topic of church membership, they were hungry for the Word and eager to learn. While there are some zealous Christians in Almaty, they need more training so that they would not divert into theological error. The church can and must be such a guarantor that will teach and equip believers to stay faithful to God through being faithful to His bride.

Testimony of Sergey Baranov

I did not seek God, He found me and gave me the most precious thing that an orphan can dream of –  adoption. God forgave my sins, accepted me into His family of the children of God, and gave me everything: salvation, the church, set me free from the bondage of sin, from addictions and from bad habits, gave me a ministry, a wonderful wife, work and friends. All this I have today, but 7 years ago, everything was different...

Prison Ministry Update - Pastor Alexander Mazepa

Peace to you, dear brothers and sisters! I thank you for your prayers and financial support that allows me to visit prisons in remote parts of our country. I live in Kiev and nearby there are several prisons, but they are visited by churches of 12 confessions. Each of them tries to prove that their confession is truest. This leads to conflicts between pastors and as a result – to conflicts between prisoners. Therefore, the administration of the Correctional Establishments in Kiev has limited prison visits by churches; however, I drive to prisons that are further away, where the inmates have few visitors.

Coram Deo - International Counseling Institute

My name is Larisa. I was converted in 1996 and from that time my life changed totally. God gave me the power of the Spirit to fight sin that I could not overcome for years. I rejoiced and told everyone about His love and this miraculous liberation. I didn’t notice how it happened,  but with time I lost the joy as I got involved in daily ministry life. More than once I caught myself thinking that unbelievers were happier.

Pastor Denis Boris - Kazakhstan - Ministry Update

This week we met with a couple that used to be on staff of one prosperity gospel church in town. They left the church 2 years ago bitter and disillusioned. We met and spoke for 5 hours straight. It was a difficult and yet immensely encouraging conversation. They came to our church the last week of 2017. We hope to start discipling them. I gave them the books “9 Marks of a Healthy Church” and “Knowing God”. Please pray for Levon and Violetta to come back to the Lord and possibly join our church.

Pastor Maxim Kirilov - Ukraine

My family and I are sincerely grateful to you for your participation in our life. Also, we are sincerely grateful to God for you and for the opportunity to partner together in ministry. May the Lord bless you! Thanks to your support, I have the opportunity to better prepare for the preaching of the Gospel in the church, visit Prison No. 2 in our city, conduct services in the rehabilitation center, participate in the ministry of small groups and continue my studies at the Irpen Bible Seminary.

The Power of God - by Denis Boris, Kazakhstan

Oftentimes we find ourselves in a situation when we don’t have any power to go on. Oftentimes it happens when problems pile up. And before we have dealt with the first problem, another is right there and another and yet another one. Stress is mounting, and strength is failing. At such times we rush to the things that we know used to help us but nothing seems to work.

At such times, we need to come to our senses and preach to ourselves that we are not in control of our lives. God is.

Pardaugava Reformed Church - Update

Dear Friends,

We as Christians are called to grow continuously in our faith and love towards Lord Jesus and each other. But there is one aspect in which we are encouraged to be like infants (don’t overstretch the illustration). Apostle Peter writing to the Christians of his time talked about the importance of the imperishable Word of God. This Word God brought us salvation and the same Word keeps us growing in this salvation. This is what he says in 1 Peter 2:2: “As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby…” Babes need milk. Sometimes it seems they need it all the time. They crave for it! In the same way we must long for the Word as that is the only way we can grow. So let’s keep it at our hand and use it every day.

Pastor Denis Boris - Kazakhstan - Ministry Update

When we explained to him that the blood of Christ is thicker than our shared bloodlines, he said the following: “I don’t have brothers or sisters. I am the only child in my family but tonight I really felt that I am a part of a bigger family.” Those words served me so much. I love him. And I am ready for more ‘family’ dinners, lunches and breakfasts.

Reflections on Romania - Brittany DeGraaf & Petra van Dorland

“Romania!?  Who goes to Romania?”  This was a question we heard several times as we prepared for our trip to Romania through COAH.  It was not specifically a location we chose, but one God had chosen for us.  Contacts were made and plans began to emerge:  one week in Kajanto Maria, a children’s home in Alesd, and one week at Christian Endeavour House in Oradea. 

Lithuania Pastors Conference

Dr Darius Brycko, a missionary in Warsaw, Poland for the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church will team-teach with Rev Ian Macleod, pastor of the Grand Rapids (Michigan USA)  Free Reformed Church. COAH board members Tom Moerdyk and John Vergunst will also be present. The topic is Preachers: Men of the Word. The goal of this conference is to encourage Lithuanian pastors to teach from and trust the Word of God, as their foundation for preaching.

Pastor Denis Boris - Kazakhstan - Ministry Update

My deep and strong desire is to see converts. I long to see God convert souls under the ministry of our church. There was one lady whom we believe that God converted under our ministry but she left our country and we are not sure about how she is doing now. Since then we have not seen yet one conversion. Please pray with us that God would bless our labors and instill in our hearts a greater zeal for the salvation of the lost.

Casu Pentru Copii - Home for Children

“Mama casa! I am going home today to live with mama again!”  I could see the immeasurable delight in the eyes of ten-year old Georgiana as she shared this unexpected announcement with me.  Children and youth living apart from their parents due to difficult circumstances yearn to hear such good news.  Whether truly orphaned or socially orphaned, how blessed it would be if a previously disadvantaged mama or tata is now able to care and provide for the needs of their child.  Georgiana’s good news is rare; she is one of the few children in any of the COAH-sponsored children’s home in Romania to return to her family home for good.  

Denis Boris - Kazakhstan - Ministry Update

Denis Boris - Kazakhstan - Ministry Update

Right at the beginning of July I conducted a class on hermeneutics for Kazakh-speaking pastors. It was arranged by my brother and partner in the Gospel, Bagid. The lecture was translated into Kazakh. It went for the whole day with a break for lunch. It went very well and was received with great enthusiasm. We decided to have another class on hermeneutics soon to allow the students to practice their skills. Please pray that more preachers would hear and see that expositional preaching is a biblical way to preach the Bible. I also plan to conduct a similar class for lay people of our church so that they see the beauty of the Scriptures and grow in appreciation of an expositional preaching.