Pastor Denis Boris - Kazakhstan - Ministry Update

Dear friends,


I never get tired of writing about importance of discipleship. By God’s grace, I am discipling several people now. It’s second best joy of mine after doing sermon preparation and preaching. In September a couple of guys whom I disciple will have a chance to try themselves in various responsibilities in the church.

Timur, my co-pastor, is getting married in September and I freed him from all the responsibilities that he had. In his absence, my two dear brothers Oleg and Nurmuhan will be leading in prayer, doing meditations, leading the service and helping with deacon’s work. Please pray that God would minister to them as they minister to God’s flock.

Serving the Church and Those Who Are Near

Two members of our church had surgeries in August. It was an opportunity for us, as a church, to show God’s love and care to them. Please pray that members of our church will understand that we are one family and act accordingly. I teach and model the care and long to see my church family enjoy serving one another.

There is also a poor family that attends our church regularly. They haven’t become members yet due to various, mainly, financial reasons. Single mother is too busy providing for her 4 kids. One of her kids is disabled. Please pray that we, as a church, would be ready and active in showing them God’s love and care. Mother’s name is Mahabat.

Balcony Remodeling into a Study Room

Our balcony renovation is finished. It took the whole month to remodel and furnish it. But now, there is a good study room in my apartment. I am a happy man. Thank you very much to all that prayed and participated financially in this project.

Denis's 'new' study...and Sophia, of course!

Denis's 'new' study...and Sophia, of course!


My deep and strong desire is to see converts. I long to see God convert souls under the ministry of our church. There was one lady whom we believe that God converted under our ministry but she left our country and we are not sure about how she is doing now. Since then we have not seen yet one conversion. Please pray with us that God would bless our labors and instill in our hearts a greater zeal for the salvation of the lost.

Prayer Requests

Please pray that:

  • We would be patient and wait upon the Lord
  • God would bless our partnership with Bagid and brothers from Taraz
  • That my former pastor and dear friend, Andrew Willis would be completely healed after multiple strokes that he had
  • We would be bold in sharing the Gospel with the unbelievers (here are the names of some: Daulet, Alexander, Danil, Bahytzhan, Mark)
  • God would be glorified in our conversations and meetings with others (Zhanibek, Aisulu)
  • God would bless our discipleship efforts (Nurmuhan, Oleg, Ilya)
  • God would be glorified through our translation project
  • God would build his church in Kazakhstan

With love,

The Boris’