Olga and WinterHelp

Our partner in Ukraine, Light of the Resurrection, sent us this WinterHelp story.

Olga alone brings up her four children (11, 7, 5 and 2 years of age). The father of the children left Olga with the children and does not pay alimony. The furniture in the apartment is very poor and meager. Water heating is cut off due to debts. They live on the 9th floor of the apartment building. Due to the fact that they are forced to heat the apartment with an electric heater, the electricity bills are completely prohibitive for their budget. Last year, electricity was already cut off due to debts, and this year there is a huge risk of re-cutting off. If this happens, there will be no heat and there will be no opportunity to cook food on the electric stove.

As a low-income family, Olga receives insignificant social assistance from the state and works two jobs — she cleans in a church and works as a nurse with an elderly person, but it does not cover the needs of the family.

I painted a depressing picture here. But once in the apartment, I did not see any despondency or hopelessness. The eldest son Yaroslav showed his drawings (he goes to art school), Saveliy (7) goes to music school, learns to play the guitar. He does not have his own guitar, and the child dreams of it. In general, I saw a lot of smiles and laughter. Amazing.


Olga and her four children.

The children may not eat meat, fruits, and vegetables for weeks, but Olga says - “I know that if the situation will get absolutely critical, I can always turn to my church and they will help me if possible. But I try not to misuse the appeal to the church, which besides me has a large number of people in need.” It was nice to hear such a sober assessment. Our winter help for this family will be aimed at partial repayment of debts for electricity.

Through the Winter Help we come into contact with hundreds of people. We understand this as something even bigger - as God himself comes into the life of people through the assistance provided. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of need in places close to the war and not only there. Many, many people are desperate for the light of Christ in their lives, filled with many sufferings and misfortunes. We ask for your participation, - with boldness - even for multiplying your participation in this important, critical Winter Help program. “Then the King will say: inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” God bless you.    

Find out how you can help by clicking here: https://www.coah.org/current-needs