WinterHelp and a Silent Prayer

Here is a WinterHelp report from our partner, Light of the Resurrection, in Ukraine. Would you please pray for this special family?

Together with Pastor Edward we come to the old apartment building and visit a family consisting of three generations of women - grandmother Larisa, Natalya and granddaughter (also) Larisa (21). The elder Larisa and Natalya are widows, and the younger Larisa is disabled. She cannot talk, cannot walk, her hands practically do not work and her mental abilities are at the lowest level. It's hard for them. Grandma is also weak physically. A special experience was added to these difficulties - last summer their apartment was robbed when they were not at home. Robbers took all that could be taken. The family lives at the expense of the grandmother’s pension and a small disability allowance for a granddaughter. Our assistance was used to purchase diapers for the granddaughter, medicines and potatoes.

Caring for the granddaughter requires special efforts - she needs to be clothed, put in bed, fed, taken to the toilet, taken outside, etc. It was easier to do when Larisa was small, but now that she weighs 70 kg and there is no special equipment for her, it becomes very problematic for her mother Natalya.

The elder Larisa and Natalya made public confession of faith and came to church 25 years ago. They say that if it were not for God, they would not know how they would endure all the complexities of life - the death of husbands, and the birth of a child with a disability. Only God gives strength to bear it all. We are silent. Thinking.

If it were not for God, they would not know how they would endure all the complexities of life.

I suggested we pray. Grandmother prayed and I prayed. We were getting ready to say goodbye, when suddenly the granddaughter Larisa started to mumble something and move her hands. Mom explained that Larisa also wanted to pray. We stopped, and she began to pray. She closed her eyes, folded her arms. Lips moved, but no words. A minute later a some sound similar to "Amen." What happens in the mind of this child, what thoughts are available to her?

May God be merciful to her, her grandmother, and her mother. May Natalya’s hands strengthen so she can take care of her special daughter.