Hope and Help for Krisztina

The 'Julia Daily Care' project in Oradea, Romania, is designed to provide a caring, safe, Christian environment for children from at-risk homes. Five days per week, the children come to the Christian Endeavor center after school, receiving a warm meal, Bible lessons, help with homework, and most importantly, love. Here is the story of one of the girls in this program. Come Over and Help is the main sponsor of this project. Your support of Come Over and Help allows us to help girls like Krisztina!

Krisztina is ten years old; she's very quiet, and a lot of times she just watches what is happening around her. She is a lovely girl, and the others accept her even though she has difficulties in speaking. She urgently needs a speech therapist, but her family cannot afford it.


She also struggles with math, even though she says it is her favorite; during math class, she likes to pretend she is the teacher. In reality she dislikes school, but she is very diligent, and helpful. We have heard that her teacher shouts at her and ignores her, because she is very behind. Krisztina is in grade two, but she should be in fourth grade.

She comes from a very difficult background. Her family background creates a lot of confusion for Krisztina, and makes her insecure. Her grandmother also told us that there were complications at birth, which has lead to some of her learning deficits.

Most of the time she is with her grandmother, because her mother is working. The grandmother is often sick, as is Krisztina. For this reason she is often absent from school. Her mother has a very basic education, and works for a low income. They live together also with her mother's brother, who is sick, and with Krisztina's little brother, who is two years old.

Krisztina has a very negative father image, and has endured many bad experiences in her childhood. She grew up with an alcoholic father, who was very aggressive. Often she was the victim of his aggression. She feels that many of the problems at home are her fault, and so she  tries to be invisible at home.

Not only is Krisztina from a difficult background, she and her family also live in an unhealthy house, but they cannot afford another place to rent. The heating cost is very high for them. In autumn and winter Krisztina was in the hospital for one and a half months with lung problems, due to the bad environment she lives in. 

Because she misses a lot of school, Krisztina has many problems. Academic progress is very difficult. She is also demotivated because of her teacher, rarely feels successful, and is often apathetic. She is missing a lot of the basics, but even when she knows something she's afraid to contribute. Her grandmother told us that her teacher often embarrasses Krisztina and makes her feel ashamed. They would like to take her to another school, but they cannot afford it, because they would have to move - which is not possible. The psychologist told us that she believes Krisztina could make much more progress if she was supported, encouraged and loved at school.

She is very attentive when we have our daily devotions for the children. It was an eye-opening  experience for her when she learned that God loves all kinds of children, not just the beautiful and smart ones; God loves every child.

Krizstina cannot read but she is very attentive to what she is hearing. She loves to be here with us in the Julia Daily care program, and to be with the other children. Here she feels that she is loved, and accepted for who she is, without any conditions. It is good to see that she is opening up to us more and more, and beginning to trust us, compared to when she first came.

Thank-you to everyone who supports Come Over and Help and the Julia Daily care program! Thanks, from Krizstina, to everyone who makes this possible!