Pastor Denis Boris - Kazakhstan - April 2018 Update

In the last week of April we had a conference for Kazakh speaking pastors. HeartCry missionary organization helped us to arrange it. They brought a great pastor, Justin Huffman. He taught on the important topic of the biblical view on eldership. It was a good time of learning.

Kazakh Pastor Conference

Kazakh Pastor Conference

HeartCry also brought an interpreter with them. His name is Anatolyi and he is an elder of 'Light on a Hill' church in Belarus. We agreed to pray for each other as churches and establish a more meaningful partnership between us. We plan to have him in Almaty for our second 9Marks conference in November.

Our guests also visited our homegroup. They shared with us a little bit on a topic of church importance. After that we had a great Q&A session. It was immensely edifying. We asked them what they thought is the greatest danger to the church. One said, “Individualism”. Another, “The tragedy of not teaching the whole counsel of God”. We also asked them what, in their estimation, were some of the most helpful things they implemented in their churches besides the foundational things like preaching, observance of the sacraments and church discipline. One said, “Eating together on a regular basis.” Another mentioned regular prayer meetings before the service. I was convicted about the lack of prayer meetings in our church. Please pray that we, as a church, would start regular prayer meetings.

Home Group Meeting

Home Group Meeting

We are facing a very good problem now, namely a need to start another home group. There are more people who want to come to our home group than we can host. Besides that the day when we have our home group is not convenient for some of the people. Our elder, Timur is planning to host our second home group. Please pray that we would start our second home group soon.

I've ordered many new books. We are trying to create a reading culture in our church. There are several copies of each title. I hope that books would become a part of discipleship in our church. I, myself, see great fruits from some of the discipleship relationships that I have. One brother has grown greatly since we started meeting for discipleship purposes. Please pray that more and more brothers and sisters will initiate and participate in discipleship relationships, and that they would read more good books along with their Bibles.

Russian titles for Maranatha Church. The first Reformed book in the Kazakh language,  Seeking God  by Peter Jeffery, will be available soon!

Russian titles for Maranatha Church. The first Reformed book in the Kazakh language, Seeking God by Peter Jeffery, will be available soon!

I can’t express how important hospitality is. We practice it and see more and more fruits of that in our church. It is a great joy to see how new members of the church open up their homes and have others over. Being willing to share the comfort of your home with others is a sign of the one who loves the brethren. One brother had us over for the first time in two years. It is a breakthrough and I hope that we will see more of such kind of breakthroughs in our church.

Prayer Requests

Please pray that:

  •  We would be patient and wait upon the Lord
  •  God would bless our partnership with Bagid
  • We would be bold in sharing the Gospel with the unbelievers (here are the names of some: Bahytzhan, Mark, Christian and my brother Igor, Manila apay)
  •  God would be glorified in our conversations and meetings with others (Levon, Violetta, Marina, Olga)
  •  God would bless our discipleship efforts (Nurmuhan, Oleg, Ilya, Danik, Timur)
  •  God would be glorified through our translation project