Coram Deo - International Counseling Institute

For a number of years now, Come Over and Help has partnered with a Christian counseling ministry, Coram Deo. This ministry, which is essentially a Russian counter-part to our North American CCEF (Christian Counseling & Education Foundation), equips and trains church leaders in the foundations of biblical counseling.

Dear friends and coworkers in the Lord!

We present to you the prayer letter of the ICI Coram Deo ministry for the first quarter of 2018.

The history of our institute shows that such ministry growth that we see now has become possible only due to God's answers to our prayers about the embodiment of His plan for the development of ministry.

Therefore, we are grateful to God for everything that He has done through His servants of the institute in the lives of people! We are also grateful to everyone who is praying and working with us and supporting the ICI! Praise God for everyone who participates in building up His kingdom though this ministry!

In the 1th quarter of 2018 the ICI conducted 11 training modules in 8 countries: Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Belarus, Moldova, Israel, the USA, and Kazakhstan. The number of students that attended the program was more than 600. The ministry at all locations was provided by the teaching and supervising team of about 50 people.

Important Milestones of Coram Deo Ministry

Year 2018 is marked by the rich "harvest" in the ICI ministry! We have 7 graduate groups in 7 cities: Kishinev, Minsk, Moscow (already), Krasnodar (already), Khabarovsk, Kiev, and L’viv. Seven projects are rounding up; this means that we need to plan and launch new 3-year programs. The break time in between the projects is always very important for stepping back, analyzing, and improving the ministry, and what is essential – determining the call for the future! And 2018 is especially blessed with such time.

We ask for prayer support since many of the ICI team members will be evaluating the fruits of their work and making decisions whether to continue as curators and teachers, and discerning God’s direction for the future ministry. Also, some of this year's top ICI graduates will be thinking about the opportunity to join the ICI ministry team as curators and teachers.

Please pray with us for the strengthening the ministry teams to serve students in all ministry locations this year!

Vika's Story

Counseling 2.jpg

I greet you with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ! My name is Vika. More than a year has passed since my first session with Lena. When I realized that I did not understand what was happening in my life I finally called Lena and asked for help. My life was filled with crisis, and it was more and more difficult for me to go on and fight. I kept asking where my God was?! I prayed and asked Him to help me, and constantly repeated: "Why are You allowing and making me drown, for what?" My life was like a vicious circle, I was like a donkey always running for a carrot!

I decided to talk with Lena, still hesitating and thinking: "How could she help me?" I already spoke with the elders. Not only spoke - I cried and begged, and asked for help, day and night repenting! I heard one answer: "We pray for you! You should pray and repent!"

And I kept asking: "How could I pray, what should I repent of?" It all dragged me into thoughts of suicide!! Every time I repented of thinking about this but this thought visited me more often!

At the first session Lena began asking me questions that I never asked myself, and at the first meeting there was hope: God is near! My God does not want to destroy me! In all what was happening there was sense and good purpose!

And now more than a year has passed! Every day I thank God for His love and patience with me! Nothing has changed: the same people around, the same church, but I'm different! And every day God works with my heart, every day I make a choice who will reign in my heart! Every day I kill my flesh!

I can sleep well now – I'm no longer haunted by nightmares! I returned to church, I glorify our God! I went through 4 modules of ICI Coram Deo program! I work on the exams! Now I think if God had not sent all these storms on me, I would have lived as a nominal, dead Christian! And I would have built my own kingdom where all should serve me – the king!

 My God, I want to serve and worship You alone, and to gather treasures in heaven! Thank God for His love for me! And I believe that by starting a good work in me He will bring it to the glorious end!

Love in Christ, Vika.