Church Support in Ukraine

Thanks to your support, Pastor Grinishin and his Reformed congregation could move into their new church building. Read about what an impact this building will have on the life of the congregation.

Greetings, dear brothers and sisters. We are a small church from the city of Pokrovsk, Donetsk region, Ukraine. We would like to thank you for your support and prayers. Thank you for helping us in obtaining a church building. Thanks to your support, we will be able to serve more effectively to spread the Kingdom of God.

Previously, while this building was not ours, we experienced many difficulties and complications; there was almost no water, often there were disruptions to power supplies, and there was no kitchen. Repair in the building has not been done for a long time. We could not change anything in the building since the landlord put it up for sale half a year ago, and at any time he could ask us to leave the building. We could not find another building because our town is small, and there are simply almost no good buildings there, and even if we were able to find suitable buildings, the price was too high for us.

Now in this building, we hold events almost every day, from Tuesday through Saturday we have meetings of the children's Day Center where we serve children from dysfunctional families. We serve them hot meals (our cook prepares the food at home, and then we bring it to the Day Center by car), we also help children to do their school homework, teach them English, read the Bible. Every Sunday we have a church service.

Thanks to the fact that this building is now ours, we will make a kitchen where children will receive a full-course lunch, we will install a boiler so that we can always have warm water for children to wash their hands. Now we do not worry about being asked to leave the building, because it is ours.

We would like to share some words of gratitude from our church members:

Daniil Barannikov: “Dear friends, I thank you for your support and assistance in purchasing the building. I am very grateful for your generosity and for your kind heart. Praise the Lord, now we have a permanent address and immovable property, there is no need to worry about a place for children's Day Center and church services. I keep you in my prayers.

Anna Bondarenko: “We are grateful to you for the financial assistance and for your prayer support in purchasing the building. Now our ministry has the opportunity to grow and recondition the building to accommodate even more people.”

May the Lord bless you.