Reflections on Romania - Brittany DeGraaf & Petra van Dorland

“Romania!?  Who goes to Romania?”  This was a question we heard several times as we prepared for our trip to Romania through COAH.  It was not specifically a location we chose, but one God had chosen for us.  Contacts were made and plans began to emerge:  one week in Kajanto Maria, a children’s home in Alesd, and one week at Christian Endeavour House in Oradea. 

Casu Pentru Copii - Home for Children

“Mama casa! I am going home today to live with mama again!”  I could see the immeasurable delight in the eyes of ten-year old Georgiana as she shared this unexpected announcement with me.  Children and youth living apart from their parents due to difficult circumstances yearn to hear such good news.  Whether truly orphaned or socially orphaned, how blessed it would be if a previously disadvantaged mama or tata is now able to care and provide for the needs of their child.  Georgiana’s good news is rare; she is one of the few children in any of the COAH-sponsored children’s home in Romania to return to her family home for good.