Jerry Bridges

Literature in Lithuania

Our dear friends and fellow partners of our ministry,


This year Reformed Literature Centre in Vilnius is celebrating 20 year anniversary of ministering the local Christians with solid reformed books translated into Lithuanian language. Over this period, by the grace of God and mostly by your generous donations, we translated more than 50 different books for various groups of readers – children, pastors, ordinary Christians, those beginning to walk in faith, and Sunday schools. Among the genre of books, mostly doctrinal reformed literature including confessions of faith, catechisms, commentaries as well as the biographies and different topical literature of well-known authors were translated, published, and printed.

But there is some literature that our readers still lack. We’ve observed it during the last couple of years as we met lots of customers looking for the practical and counseling related materials as they do not know how to apply the doctrines in their daily lives and deal with various struggles Biblically. Even one pastor did not understand the question when asked if it’s hard for him to apply the Gospel in his daily life. He did not understand that Gospel is not for unbelievers, but for believers as well.

When we translated into Lithuanian language the Respectable Sins book by Jerry Bridges, it became very popular even among Roman Catholics who highly appreciated this book buying it at the Catholic bookshops. It even has become one of the most-studied books among the elders at one evangelical church in Vilnius. That shows that there is a gap and huge need in practical books. Another sign for us was when last year we had a Counseling Conference where we had a book table with counseling books in Russian. We were amazed that a pastor of one Evangelical Church and his wife have bought almost all Counseling books in Russian we had, acknowledging that among churches we do not have serious Bible-grounded counseling for people. It was said by a pastor who is in ministry for 25 years.

The next book which will help to counter the lack of such literature is How People Change by Tripp/Lane which is ready to be printed. Another two books that we are looking to commence the translation of are on the topics of marriage and depression. After these we have ideas of books on fear and on addictions. So as you see there are plenty of topics to be still translated in our language and we ask you to remember us in your prayers as well as contributing the much needed funds for such tremendous work. We wish you God’s richest blessings through Christ Jesus.


In Christ alone,

Julius Jonusas

Director of Reformed Literature Centre in Vilnius, Lithuania

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