WinterHelp and a Silent Prayer

WinterHelp and a Silent Prayer

Together with Pastor Edward we come to the old apartment building and visit a family consisting of three generations of women - grandmother Larisa, Natalya and granddaughter (also) Larisa (21). The elder Larisa and Natalya are widows, and the younger Larisa is disabled. She cannot talk, cannot walk, her hands practically do not work and her mental abilities are at the lowest level. It's hard for them. Grandma is also weak physically. A special experience was added to these difficulties - last summer their apartment was robbed when they were not at home. Robbers took all that could be taken. The family lives at the expense of the grandmother’s pension and a small disability allowance for a granddaughter. Our assistance was used to purchase diapers for the granddaughter, medicines and potatoes.

Testimony of Sergey Baranov

I did not seek God, He found me and gave me the most precious thing that an orphan can dream of –  adoption. God forgave my sins, accepted me into His family of the children of God, and gave me everything: salvation, the church, set me free from the bondage of sin, from addictions and from bad habits, gave me a ministry, a wonderful wife, work and friends. All this I have today, but 7 years ago, everything was different...

Prison Ministry Update - Pastor Alexander Mazepa

Peace to you, dear brothers and sisters! I thank you for your prayers and financial support that allows me to visit prisons in remote parts of our country. I live in Kiev and nearby there are several prisons, but they are visited by churches of 12 confessions. Each of them tries to prove that their confession is truest. This leads to conflicts between pastors and as a result – to conflicts between prisoners. Therefore, the administration of the Correctional Establishments in Kiev has limited prison visits by churches; however, I drive to prisons that are further away, where the inmates have few visitors.

Coram Deo - International Counseling Institute

My name is Larisa. I was converted in 1996 and from that time my life changed totally. God gave me the power of the Spirit to fight sin that I could not overcome for years. I rejoiced and told everyone about His love and this miraculous liberation. I didn’t notice how it happened,  but with time I lost the joy as I got involved in daily ministry life. More than once I caught myself thinking that unbelievers were happier.

Pastor Maxim Kirilov - Ukraine

My family and I are sincerely grateful to you for your participation in our life. Also, we are sincerely grateful to God for you and for the opportunity to partner together in ministry. May the Lord bless you! Thanks to your support, I have the opportunity to better prepare for the preaching of the Gospel in the church, visit Prison No. 2 in our city, conduct services in the rehabilitation center, participate in the ministry of small groups and continue my studies at the Irpen Bible Seminary.