mr. Bas deLeeuw

President of the Board


It is the essential duty of Christians to promote their neighbors’ wellbeing, especially those who are of “the household of faith.”

COAH endeavors to fulfill this biblical mandate by supporting pastors, evangelists and Christians in Eastern Europe, Russia, and North Korea.

  • Pastor Support gives pastors time for sermon preparation and ministry, and puts sound theological books into their hands as resources for their studies. Since a church building gives perceived legitimacy to a church body in Eastern Europe, help is also sometimes given in building or purchasing a church.

  • With winter being the hardest season for the aged and the poor, WinterHelp is another important outreach. Often, there are not enough resources in a home for heat, food, and clothing to withstand the cold. Soup kitchens, daily bread programs, food parcels, clothing bundles, and money for utilities, go a long way to relieve some of the brutal effects of a harsh climate.

  • Prison Ministry has always been high on the COAH agenda. While life for the free is already difficult, existence in captivity is even more dreadful. With COAH support, evangelism through prison ministries is flourishing, offering inmates freedom from the slavery of sin and escape from punishment, through the gospel message. A good number of ex-prisoners have become faithful and supportive church members also due to the work that is done in Rehab Centers.

  • Children’s programs are a venue of endless opportunity. COAH’s Child Sponsorship has always been a favorite program among its supporters. Many older Christians in these countries did not grow up in a Christian home, and giving hope and Christian perspective to future generations there, is one of the most substantial gifts of all.

  • Another urgent matter is the Emergency Relief Fund. Many families have had to leave everything behind due to the war in East Ukraine. These families have re-located in Central Ukraine with nothing in their possession. COAH is active in finding them new beginnings.

May God continue to bless all those who share this ministry of ‘Come Over And Help’ with us.

board of directors


mr. rob brouwer

Secretary of the Board

Mr. john Brink

Treasurer of the Board


mr. Ross Derksen

Board Member

mr. Tom Moerdyk

Board Member

dr. Gerald Procee

Board Member

mr. Doug vandenberg

Board Member

rev. arnoud vergunst

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