Where does the name 'Come Over and Help' come from?

One of the apostle Paul's stops on his second missionary journey was Troas. At night, Paul received a vision of a Macedonian man appealing to him with these words: "Come over into Macedonia, and help us" (Acts 16:9). Paul knew this guidance was of the Lord, and so obeyed, and his time in what today is known as Greece was greatly blessed. COAH has adopted these words, believing that the Lord has opened doors and given opportunities to the North American church to go over and help the needy churches in Eastern Europe that suffered so greatly under communism.

How do you accomplish your goals?

We partner with responsible ministries, churches, denominations, seminaries and para-church organizations in Eastern Europe that share our vision. We rely on the gifts, cultural knowledge and assets of our national partners to effect our collective goals. This method, rather than sending North American missionaries, is much less costly and more practical and effective. (Of course, there may be occasions where North American expertise or experience will be of benefit, for example in giving theological instruction at pastor conferences.) The role of COAH is to:

  • ensure responsible use of your funds by visiting projects personally and having clear reporting expectations

  • share and connect our partners with resources and tools that will benefit them

  • promote the development of national leaders and self-sufficiency of projects

  • give opportunity for the church of Christ in North America to participate in the life of the church of Christ in Eastern Europe and be a blessing to our brothers and sisters there

What if a project receives more earmarked funds than necessary? What happens to the excess?

In general, we honor specified or restricted donations. However, in this case, donations to over-funded projects will be re-directed to other needy projects.

Will a charitable donation receipt be issued for my donation?

Yes; Come Over and Help is a registered charity in both Canada and the USA. You will receive one in the mail.