In 1970 four men, while vacationing in Hungary, witnessed firsthand the deplorable effects of communism. Ministers were imprisoned, Bibles were confiscated, men and women who confessed to be Christians were denied employment, and church buildings were neglected. Burdened with the circumstances of their persecuted brethren, these men began to raise money. By 1973, they were able to raise $50,000 with which they purchased Bibles and a little book translated into the Hungarian language. These made their way behind the Iron Curtain.

This activity prompted the formation of the non-profit organization of Come Over and Help in The Netherlands in 1974. The support for this cause grew rapidly and soon Bible smuggling into the Eastern Bloc and the USSR began in earnest. Secret compartments were constructed in cars, trucks and recreational vehicles to import this contraband merchandise. “Vacationing” families were forced to wait for hours at the border-crossings as their vehicles were searched by the communist authorities. Many stories can be told of how God, in His special providence, prevented the inspectors from finding and confiscating the precious cargo. They were able to respond to requests emanating from groups and churches in Albania, Bulgaria, Herzo-Gevena (formerly Czechoslovakia), Moldova, Romania, Russia and the Ukraine.

The collapse of communism in the former USSR and demolition of the “Berlin Wall“ in 1990 brought tremendous new possibilities and opportunities for the work to intensify. In the spring of 1997, Come Over and Help North America began. Today we operate as separate organizations. We continue to strive for the building up and equipping of the church so severely assaulted during the forty to seventy years of communism. We covet your prayers as well as your financial support to help us assist those who are in need.