Despite many natural resources and a favourable climate and recent economic growth, Romania remains one of the economically poorest countries in Europe, particularly in the rural areas. This is due to a turbulent history with regular periods of unrest and violence. Richard Wurmbrand, the well-known pastor who suffered much for his faith, and eventually came to North America to become a voice for the persecuted church, was from Romania. Today about 3% of Romanians, the majority of whom are ethnic Hungarians, identify themselves as Reformed. In Romania, COAH is privileged to partner with a number of organizations, all of which are focused on spreading the gospel and demonstrating the love of Christ by providing assistance to the neediest in church and society.

COAH Projects:

Children Care:

Come Over and Help is supporting several children’s homes in central and western Romania: Kajantho Maria Children’s Home in Alesd, Casa Emanuel Children’s Home in Criscior, and Emaus House in Targu Mures. The children are brought to these homes as actual or social orphans (meaning their parent(s) are unable or unwilling to care for them). At these homes, the children receive love and care and the gospel message which they would otherwise not receive. They also attend church and become part of that community. Some of the children receive support through the COAH Child Sponsorship Program.

Evangelism, Outreach and Humanitarian Aid:

Several programs designed to reach out to the needy in society with aid and the gospel are being supported by COAH. An elderly program and evangelization outreach are conducted in Rosiori, while an after-school program and daily bread program take place in Turda.

Christian Endeavour (CE):

Christian Endeavour House in Oradea is a vibrant and extensive mission committed to reaching out to the neediest in their community with the gospel and humanitarian aid. The ministries that run out of this organization include:

  • 10 different Bible study groups targeting different ages and profiles
  • After-school program for children
  • Support group for people struggling with alcohol, drug and gambling addictions
  • Easter and Christmas evangelism program
  • Community meetings for parents, poor families
  • Summer camp for young people and poor families
  • Elderly care – spiritual care, home care, meetings
  • Handicap care – support group
  • Christian literature for churches and hospital and prison distribution
  • Food bank
  • Thrift store – fundraising and building relationships and community connections


COAH is partnering with Koinonia Christian Publishing House in Cluj to translate and publish much-needed Christian books. For example, Christians Get Depressed Too by Dr David Murray was recently published.