Where We Help

Serbia is a central Balkan nation. While it is considered today to be a parliamentary republic, its history is one of war and struggle. Unemployment in Serbia is high, and poverty is ubiquitous. Eastern Orthodoxy dominates religious life, and protestants account for less than 1% of the population. Come Over and Help seeks to promote and support the small Serbian reformed community in several meaningful ways.

COAH Projects:

Pastor Training

Approximately every other year, Come Over and Help sponsors a Pastor’s Conference in Serbia. About 100 pastors from Serbia and the neighboring countries, who have a love for classic Reformed theology and piety, gather for several days to be instructed out of God’s Word.


Come Over and Help has translated a number of titles into Serbian. Often literature is distributed in conjunction with the conferences. For example, Dr. Gerald Bilkes led a conference based on the parables of Christ, and all conference attendees received a copy in Serbian of Bilkes’ book on the parables, Glory Veiled and Unveiled.