Where We Help

Serbia is a central Balkan nation. While it is considered today to be a parliamentary republic, its history is one of war and struggle. Unemployment in Serbia is high, and poverty is ubiquitous. Eastern Orthodoxy dominates religious life, and protestants account for less than 1% of the population. Come Over and Help seeks to promote and support the small Serbian reformed community in several meaningful ways.

COAH Projects:

Pastor Training

Each spring Come Over and Help sponsors a Pastor’s Conference in Serbia. About 100 pastors and church leaders from Serbia and the neighboring countries, who have a love for classic Reformed theology and piety, gather for several days to be instructed out of God’s Word. Most recently Pastor Bart Elshout taught on the topic The Cross of Christ and its Practical Implications, and the year prior Pastor Arnoud Vergunst spoke on Psalm 23.


Come Over and Help has translated a number of titles into Serbian. Often literature is distributed in conjunction with the conferences. For example, Dr. Gerald Bilkes led a conference based on the parables of Christ, and all conference attendees received a copy in Serbian of Bilkes’ book on the parables, Glory Veiled and Unveiled.