Where We Help

Ukraine is a large country with rich soils and many resources. Yet it remains, after Moldova, the poorest country in Europe. Its history, both distant and recent, is one of conflict and trouble. The Protestant church suffered much under communist rule. Today the church remains small and fragile, and, as in many other places, susceptible to heresy and division. Yet, thanks be to God, there are faithful men and gospel workers laboring here, spreading the Word of God and reaching out to the needy. We are partnering with a large number of ministries and pastors in Ukraine, all dedicated to the advance of the gospel, using a tremendous variety of ways and means.

COAH Projects:

Pastor Support:

COAH is supporting upwards of 20 pastors in Ukraine. Many of them minister to small rural congregations who lack the means to support their pastor. Our gospel partnership allows them to focus their attention and energy on their ministries rather than side employment.

Evangelism, Outreach and Humanitarian Aid:

COAH is partnering with a number of pastors and ministry workers involved in various outreaches. Often material help is combined with gospel ministry. These include:

  • Prison, Hospital and Orphanage Ministries: Bible studies, one-on-one meetings, gospel preaching

  • Refugee Assistance: providing for basic needs and reaching out with the gospel to those in need

  • Soup Kitchen Outreach: providing meals for the homeless and down-and-out

Rehabilitation Centres:

A significant ongoing outreach to prisoners and drug addicts is often part of the ministry of church planters. These centers admit ex-prisoners and those enslaved to addiction. Living there full-time, they are given the supports needed to overcome debilitating habits and deficits. Life skills are taught with the goal of eventual re-integration into society. Most importantly the men and women in this program have the gospel brought to them daily, and by God’s grace and the power of the gospel, many lives are transformed.

Children Care:

COAH partners with a number of programs across Ukraine that reach out to orphans and children growing up in poverty and need. These programs include:

  • Child Sponsorships: Families or individuals sponsor a child from a poor family. The sponsorship, operated by the local church, enables the child to have their basic needs met.

  • After-school Programs: Children come to after-school programs in a number of towns in Ukraine. These children are from dysfunctional or at-risk homes. They can come to these programs as many as 5 days/week for 3-4 hours to receive a meal, help with homework, lots of love, and the message of the gospel.

  • Children’s Literature Publication

  • Summer Camps for kids

  • Adoption Assistance: Assist Christian families with the adoption process

Transition Homes:

These homes seek to provide a safety net for orphanage ‘graduates’, most of whom would fall through the cracks and end up in crime or prostitution. Youths are provided a safe, Christian home environment where they can successfully transition from the orphanage into society over a number of years. For more information see the 'Sponsorship' tab.


COAH is partnering with several ministries which translate, publish and distribute solid Reformed literature.