Day 24

Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation. Psalm 51:2

Blagodatnoye | Ukraine


Isn’t that amazing to see the response of the local people giving out of small what they have toward the need?

Oradea | Romania


Food for body and soul.

Rovno | Ukraine

we love these books

Since I have read this book myself I wish to distribute it everywhere, where it is possible, because its contents wakes up and deprives of indifference towards the perishing people around us



The Food Parcel Program in Romania



She is very thankful for all the help from COAH, because of her age she could not manage her life alone without outside help.



Bryanka | Ukraine

Daily Bread at the Dump

It is humbling to see how God uses COAH to take the poor out of the dump and give them their daily bread. One of our workers backs his car with the trunk full of bread.

Odessa | Ukraine

A Home at Last

Becoming familiar with the kids and teenagers on the streets, Misha tried to understand the reason why kids would prefer to leave their family and stay on the streets

Kiev | Ukraine

The Lord Loosens Prisoners

My words walk carefully between these prisoners.
Pastor Alexander Mazepa

Yakutia | Siberia

Mission Trip into the North

He also explained who Jesus Christ really was, what He had done for me and how I could obtain eternal life. It was then that the Lord gave birth to a new life in me—I became His child.

An organization committed to spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ across the vast population of people who have been deprived of this Good News for generations and providing aid to Churches and Christians in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

Christian Literature

COAH’s book ministry of the overall ministry continues to be of great significance for the churches scattered across the regions.

Paul Washer - The Gospel Call and True Conversion

Sponsor a Pastor

COAH is increasingly involved in the support of pastors. There is at present a tremendous hunger for the Word of God in the former USSR. Throughout the huge continent pastors are preaching the doctrines of free grace as never before. 

Provide a Church

Do you remember the days of the Iron Curtain? Preaching then was prohibited. Christians were persecuted. The communists tried very hard to extinguish religion. They did not realize that God’s Kingdom cannot be destroyed.

Sponsor a Child

There are thousands of children who do not have a home, comfort, care or love. They have very little food or clothing and suffer silently. They desperately need your help.

Sponsor a Family

There is not only a great need for food, but due to unemployment, there is also a great need for the bare necessities of a family. 

Winter Help Project

We cannot begin to tell you how extensive our WinterHelp Program is. It reaches into many villages that you have never heard of and that never receive a visit from government officials.