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Come Over and Help is a registered charity in Canada and the USA. A charitable donation receipt will be issued for your donation.

about this sponsorship

“There is no more hopeless creature in the world than an elderly person in Eastern Europe. Trying to forget and putting behind communism, the Eastern European societies forget and put behind also the millions of seniors who once suffered so much under communism. This is the case also in society in Romania, where the gap between the future-pursuing young generation and the forgotten elderly is terrifyingly wide. The elderly don’t feel ignored in Eastern Europe: they feel betrayed and abandoned.”

This quote from a Romanian pastor illustrates the plight of so many elderly in Eastern Europe. COAH has committed to supporting the Naomi’s Smile Home Care program. Will you become a sponsor of this project? Your monthly gift of $30 will help a Romanian senior receive necessary medical, physical, and, most importantly, spiritual support. Sponsors will receive semi-annual updates on the Naomi’s Smile project.

The Romanian seniors in the Naomi Smile’s program fit into one of two categories: those who are bedridden and those who are mobile. The seniors who are bedridden are greatly uplifted by the visits of the caretakers, as the visits may be the only touch they have with the outside world. For those who are mobile and able to get out, weekly and monthly organized meetings are held with guest speakers and pastors. Medical aid supplies – such as diapers, wheelchairs, walkers, mobile toilets, and mattresses – are also given to those who need them.