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In thee the fatherless findeth mercy.
— Hosea 14:3

Come Over and Help is a registered charity in Canada and the USA. A charitable donation receipt will be issued for your donation.

about this project

Abuse. Neglect. Violence. These jarring words describe the growing-up years of countless young people in our broken world. Now add the dimensions of divorce, poverty, unemployment and alcoholism rampant in Eastern Europe, and the innocent, carefree years of youth become a nightmare for many. COAH partners with ministries that reach out to at-risk children and teens to break this vicious cycle and give hope, healing and the transforming gospel message.

Children’s Homes

COAH is partnering with 3 Christian children’s homes in Romania. Local at-risk children, both actual and social orphans, are accepted by these homes, and receive a safe, loving Christian upbringing.

After-school Programs

These evangelistic programs in Ukraine and Romania provide neglected younger children with a place to go after school hours end (as early as noon). They receive a meal, help with homework, play time, and Bible lessons, before heading home at supper time.

Transition Homes

Also known as Adaptation Centers, these homes seek to provide a safety net for orphanage ‘graduates’ in Ukraine, most of whom would fall through the cracks and end up in crime or prostitution. Youths are provided a safe, Christian home environment where they can successfully transition from the orphanage into society over a number of years.


COAH supports a variety of additional projects that, for example, reach out to street kids or provide summer camps to at-risk kids.