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Development & Rehabilitation 

And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten.
— Joel 2:25

About this Project

Hopeless? Desperate?

How do you escape a bleak, hopeless, desperate existence? Substance abuse in the form of drugs and alcohol is the answer for many in Eastern Europe and Russia. But this lifestyle is absolutely ruinous in the long term.

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Community Centers

A number of churches and ministries in Ukraine have had the burden placed on their hearts to reach out to men and women in distress. They have developed centers in their communities to which those in the clutches of these vices may turn for help; some centers specialize in taking in ex-prisoners as well.

Giving Hope

In these Community Centers, residents can live for some time, getting the needed support to kick their habits, develop necessary life skills, learn to live responsibly, get their official paperwork in order, learn a skill or a trade, all in the context of a Christian environment and support from the local church. Lives are turned around, and not a few can testify of the transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ in their hearts and lives; indeed, some have gone on to become pastors and ministry workers!

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