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Pastor Education 

"And I will set up shepherds over them which shall feed them."

Jeremiah 23:4

About this Project

Church conferene, Eastern Europe

Biblical Resources

In our North American context, pastors have access to a wealth of Biblically sound institutions, conferences and resources that can help their growth and development in Reformed theology and living, and with God’s help, be a blessing to their people. We have been entrusted with these riches, not to keep to ourselves, but to share.

The Reformed church community in much of Central and Eastern Europe is young and undeveloped, lacking many of the Reformation benefits we enjoy. It is the deep desire of Come Over & Help to stimulate, support and connect to this community as God opens doors and gives us opportunity to do so.

Regularly sponsor pastor’s conferences which provide a wonderful forum for instruction and fellowship.

Support pastors and church plants financially for a time, when appropriate, to allow pastors to concentrate on their studies and ministry and give time for church plants to become established.

Assist theological education institutions in Latvia (Baltic Reformed Theological Seminary), Serbia (Balkan Theological Seminary), Russia (Tyumen Reformed Bible School) and Ukraine (Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine).

Assist theological students with tuition, study, travel and internship expenses.

Publish the best of Reformed literature.

How We Help

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