Yakutia - vehicle for ministry work - $5000

The vehicle that the Association of Christian Evangelical Churches in Yakutia use for their ministry work is no longer serviceable. A reliable vehicle is critical for long-distance evangelism trips, visiting remote villages to spread the gospel and encourage the few believers. The van will also be used for the youth outreach ministries.

COAH has pledged to raise $5 000 towards purchasing a suitable vehicle for this outreach.


The Azarov family is from Lugansk, in the east of Ukraine. For many years they had successfully operated a greenhouse business, mainly growing tulips, using only the best bulbs from the Netherlands. Their products always were in demand, due to their quality. However, due to the war, they had to flee, leaving their business behind, and re-settling in the Carpathian region of Ukraine.

COAH would like to help this hard-working Christian family get back on their feet and become self-sufficient again. We believe they will be successful, as this business is not new to them. One of the boys, Anton, visited the Netherlands recently and was impressed with the advanced growing methods used there, and hopes to implement them in their business. The project will provide work for nine adults and their families.

Once the business is operational, the Azarov’s intend to re-pay the $5 000 loan to be used for other projects; in addition, they will give 10% of their profits for the first 5 years to support other Christian refugees with their small business initiatives.