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Serving Refugees in Moldova

Here is a report from one of our partners in Moldova who is helping Ukrainian refugees who have escaped to neighbouring Moldova:

Today is the 128th day of the war. On the one hand, it may seem that it is time to get used to it, but on the other hand, again and again, you catch yourself that it is simply impossible to get used to it. During this time more than 471000 refugees have crossed the border from Ukraine into Moldova. If we take into account the number of refugees per capita in the neighbouring country, this is the highest figure. Many of the Ukrainians who were in Moldova left the country. Some of them went to Europe, others returned to Ukraine. But still, there are more than 80,000 people in Moldova.

For almost four months we have been visiting four Refugee Centers. Thanks to your support, we brought food (bread, milk, meat, cheese, cottage cheese, fruits, vegetables and much more), talked to people, gave them Bibles and evangelistic brochures, talked to them about Christ, and prayed with them. Every day in these centers they prepared meals for 400 people.

To read the full report and see pictures, click the report below:

Serving refugees
Download PDF • 58.77MB

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