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  • Bas Deleeuw

A Friend of the Church in Eastern Europe

With deep sorrow we share with you that on April 9, 2024 the Lord took to Himself our dear and highly valued Come Over & Help board member, Dr. Gerald Rinze Procee at the age of just 70.

Reverend Procee was the original founder of Come Over & Help, North America. In January of 1997 he organized the first board meeting with members of different denominations and representatives from Kom Over en Help (Dutch sister organization) in attendance. He spearheaded this new endeavor and was the first to travel to Eastern Europe and the first to organize presentations about Come Over & Help. At the time of his death, he was the only “founder” still on the board. When he pastored a congregation in the Netherlands for ten years, he remained on the board and attended meetings by Zoom.

Reverend Procee was a man with great passion and pastoral care. That was evident in his ministries as preacher but also in his pursuit of improving theological education for ministers in Eastern Europe. He would never give up on churches who were not as “biblically sound” as we would deem necessary. He would always look for ways to get them on the right path through seminars and especially by providing sound, biblical literature in their own languages. That vision has come to fruition beyond what we would have expected, and today there are many pastors in Eastern Europe who are well trained, sound in doctrine, preaching the gospel. Seminaries have been started in different countries with an ever-increasing number of students, called to service.

Reverend Procee was gifted with a brilliant mind (a masters in Economics and a doctorate in Theology) which also served so well in his board membership with Come Over & Help. He had great insights and an exceptional recall of events and people. He was also gifted with a strong constitution which served him well in his travels and excessive workload.

Upon hearing the announcement of his death, many who knew him well mused in their hearts, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

His gain is great loss for his large family, the churches, and Come Over & Help!

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