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Crisis in Ukraine

Olga Drobko is a Christian literature translator we have worked with in Ukraine for many years. She sent us this update from Rivne in western Ukraine:

We have lost the track of time. Now our life seems a continuous period of time with black and white stripes called "day’ and ‘night’. It seems like till now no one was able to comprehend what is going on, and what this awful word, ‘war’, really means. Some of our people have left - large families, mothers with children or elderly family members.

Most remain in place. We do everything we can. Our church office now is one of the main coordination centers in the city, and we work together with government agencies, having close and fruitful cooperation. Our brothers go by car and bus to pick up people from Kyiv and surrounding cities. We meet them here, in our homes, offices, schools, where places have been prepared for them. Some people need a brief stop to get some rest and some others need a place to spend the night. And then they go further to the West of Ukraine or to Poland, Slovakia, Hungary.

We get tired, we pray, we move forward. AND WE PRAY, PRAY, PRAY… We ask the Lord to fight for us.

We love you all, everyone who joined us in this terrible time of trials. I want to embrace the whole world that now looks blue and yellow. To be honest, we want to cry all the time, but we will do it later because now we have no time for this...

Through your giving, we have been able to send funds to Olga’s church, Grace Bible Church. Meanwhile, across the border, funds have been sent to many of our partners who are caring for the refugees that continue to flood across the border.

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