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Ukraine Relief update

Here is an update from Pastor Mark Argarkov, from Ukraine. Through your support of the Ukraine Relief Fund, thousands of people have been helped.

Dear friends and supporters,

316th day of the war. We are approaching the year of the war. Throughout this time, God showed us mercy and sent faithful and reliable friends. With your help, we have been able to help over 100,000 people. Incredible. It was an absolute miracle for us as a small church and a small team of volunteers. Thanks to everyone who prayed and supported us financially. We are so grateful.

Now the cold is coming to Ukraine, especially Kharkiv and in the eastern part of Ukraine. Already this weekend will be up to -15 Celsius (5 degrees Fahrenheit). The soil will freeze. And this allows a new offensive of the Russians. We are getting news from intelligence that the Russians have amassed a force of 200,000 mobilized and will again try to surround Kharkiv to cut off the supply of weapons. There is a lot of anxiety and unrest in the city. Please pray for us that God will give us wisdom.

We know that everything is in the hands of a sovereign God, and everything will happen according to his plan. Therefore, we rely on Him and trust Him. We will also make the necessary supplies in case of a city siege: fuel, water, food, candles, and warm clothes.

Regarding our projects. We have completed the winter care box project. About 100 families received everything they needed to live in a harsh winter without heating, water, heat, and gas. Thanks to you, more than 200 people are covered with love and care. We have completed this project. Thanks to everyone who participated in this project, both organizations and individuals.

We continue to support nearly 30 families with food. Please keep praying so that these people see Christ in our care. Some of them have already been in our services. Pray that God will reveal himself to them.

Last time, I asked to pray for the collection of support for the de-occupied villages of the Kharkiv region, which suffer daily from shelling. We did not raise much finance, but we provided food, hygiene, and candles for about 300 families. We want to continue to help them because they live only 5 km from the front line.

We are planning a Church retreat in the mountains at the end of this month. It will be a beautiful time when at least a part of the church can come together, pray, and take a break from air raids in the cities. Please pray that nothing will interfere with us. Also, pray for wisdom for the church in planning this year. We would very much like to hold our annual camp where we will invite our unbelieving friends or organize a camp for children and youth in the mountains.

Thanks to everyone who prays for us and supports us. We love you and appreciate it very much.

In the fellowship of Christ with you,


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