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Refugee Help in Ukraine

Come Over & Help has been helping Pastor Volodomyr and his church near the Polish border. They have been helping many refugees who have been headed for Poland and Romania. Here's a recent report:

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

First of all I would love to say how much we are grateful to you for your love for Ukraine and your help to Ukrainians.

We are doing fine and stay busy since more people are coming to our area and more people come to our camp. Right now there are over 70 refugees. With your help we take care of all their needs. Every day we help also those who come to our church for food and other things they need. For this reason we turned two Sunday school cl

asses to storage rooms. Andrew and Tanya are in charge of this humanitarian aid distribution center.

We help many people who stay in schools, some are taken to hospitals and need medicines which we provide. Also we take care of their spiritual needs, praying for them, sharing Christ and giving Christian literature.

We also provide dental service for refugees since they came with a lot of children.

Volodomyr (Wally) Vasylovych in Chernivtsi, Ukraine

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