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Serving Refugees in Ukraine

From Rivne, Ukraine

Many new people from the Eastern regions continue to come to our city. Authorities are trying to help them with housing, but it is a very expensive and slow process.

As a church, we try to be close to them and bring God's Light into their lives. We meet with these temporarily displaced women three times a week. Twice a week they come to get aid (food, medicine, clothes, utensils), and we have the opportunity to have a short conversation with them.

But we have a very special day every Friday. This meeting, which originally was planned as a brief, two- hours meeting for closer acquaintance, now lasts almost four hours. Women come much earlier and stay much longer. Our hall up to 100 persons in the office is no longer enough. Our sisters, psychologists and teachers have lessons with their children in a separate room.

According to what the women say, such meetings are the best thing they have at this difficult time. Of course, our main goal remains the same - to point then at the Lord, Who can save earthly temporary life, and at the same time, He can save the eternal soul for eternal life.

We continue to thank the Lord for your participation in this ministry. As never before, we are now aware of the real unity of the Body of Christ. We serve the Lord and the people in Ukraine now together.

May the Lord generously reward you for your ministry of love.

In His love, Olga.

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