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A Pastor's Set of Books

Here at Come Over & Help, we believe that a church leadership grounded in the truths of God’s Word, as recovered by the Reformation of the 16th century, will be key to seeing our vision realized: thriving, Biblically faithful churches serving Central & Eastern Europe.

We support theological education in a wide variety of ways – literature projects, seminary and Bible school support, conferences, seminarian stipends to name a few. Another way is through providing pastors with libraries of great Reformed books for their study. Here is an example of how we could help, as related by Dinu Moga, director of Faclia Publishing in Romania:

I would like to make an appeal to you on behalf of a pastor whose ministry I followed for the last 25 years. His name is Liviu Molcut. At the moment he is pastoring 2 or three very small churches in remote villages in the Bihor district of Romania. Three weeks ago he rang me and invited me to preach in his church in Izbuc for a special Thanksgiving event in the church.

So I gladly responded to his invitation and I went to preach two Sundays ago in his church in the village of Izbuc. I was impressed to see his dedication and the results of his labours in that village. On a more personal note, from all the pastors I know, Liviu is a man who has always been in great material need. He was born in a poor family and then he always pastored only small churches (between 20 to 40 members) On top he also has some serious health issues, but he carried on the ministry with great dedication.

At the end of the service, Liviu asked me if I could give him some books for his personal library. I was moved by his request because I would have expected him to make an appeal for other needs, more to do with his poverty and lack of funding. But he wanted books!

Personally, I would like to be able to respond to that need. I could grant him a few books and he would be very thankful. But the ideal situation would be to gift him with our Centenary Package which contains 200 books at a discount of 40%. I am sure such a donation would have a major impact on his life and ministry. Also important is that his son Timothy, 24 years old, is serving in the church, leading prayer meetings and Bible studies. So the books would help Timothy, as well as other colleagues who could loan the books from Liviu.

Would you at Come Over & Help be able/willing to help him with such a gift?

Yes, we would, and so we did!

Thank-you, our supporters, for allowing us to help and encourage faithful shepherds like brother Liviu; your assistance, under God’s blessing, touches so many lives. We’re grateful to be a part of enabling gospel proclamation in this part of God’s kingdom.

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